How to dress…

I just added a link to a NY designer that has a blog about how to dress like a rockstar. Now I realize that many musicians think that they are immune to fashion trends. This is not true. In general they dress like other musicians and lots of fashion trends are started by rockers. Occasionally we see bad examples like a fat old Van Morrison in a tan jumpsuit. He only gets away with this because HE HAS LOTS OF TALENT. Fortunately for his fans this phase didn’t last long and shortly after that phase he changed to cool suits and pork pie hats.
Think about these tidbits….. Punk was a big fashion trend….kids wear shirts, hats, etc designed by their favorite bands….the thrift store look was a rock star thing… wave was another big fashion trend (a kinda ridiculous one) … metal is a fashion trend…. hardcore has a uniform….. Yes these are all musical trends but each trend has it’s own look.

In the early eighties I traveled to England for the first time. I brought back a suitcase full of Doc Martens which were hard to find in the US. I would sell the boots and pay for most of the plane flight. Pay attention to the way your band looks. If one of the members insists on dressing like his Great Uncle Saul get him a young hip girlfriend. She’ll straighten him out…


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