Merry Christmas to all…………….

Merry Christmas to everyone that reads my blog. Thanks so much for all the comments and feedback. I will be starting the year off with another long series of posts. I hope to bring the total word count up to 160,000 words in the main articles. Since the current count is around 100,000 this translates into a 60% increase in gonzo rock advice…….. I hope everyone reads along. This year’s goal is to take the blog past basics and discuss at length more advanced issues.  As always your comments are the key to the site becoming useful to the readers rather than suffering from the most common blogger’s disease – reckless self absorption. Please keep the comments and questions coming in…….Best to all……….



One thought on “Merry Christmas to all…………….

  1. Hey Brad,

    I’ve been reading your blog pretty much from when you started it. Thanks for the advice so far it’s been really helpful.
    I was just wondering if you could have a look at something called ‘TuneCore’ and discuss it? In the blog with Jonathon Coulton he mentioned that exposure was the most important thing and TuneCore let’s you sell your music on iTunes, amazon, etc for a small fee, and you receive 100% of the royalties. Is this is a scam? It seems too good to be true. I don’t want my band to get trapped.
    Anyway, it’d be cool if you could do a blog on that, thanks!

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