What’s next?

So far I’ve covered many topics. I am sure there are more. At this point I am looking for suggestions – what would you like me to write about? Post your suggestions as comments and feel free to comment on other comments……..



7 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Hi Brad,

    I have read your blog off and on for the last little while. Mostly a great read. Maybe you can round off your “record production” section by discussing the role of a producer, or the values in working with a qualified record producer.

    For me, I’d be mostly interested in your take on a TIMELINE for record release, and the timed steps that should be taken from production, recording, artwork, shopping the record, putting out the first single, sending tunes out to radio, contacting press, publiscists, dropping the record, supporting the record, touring the record etc……

    This is a process that is so easy to get wrong. There are so many important steps, and timing them is crucial. What’s your take on that?

    My band is releasing a full length on NOvember 1, which will be a follow up to our debut e.p. which was supported by a videos. We feel that we launched the first ep well. Selling 1000 copies in canada, and youtube hits for the 3 videos just topping 20,000 hits…..

    We’d love to add a zero to both those figures with the new release


    • Hi Dave,
      Both suggestions are excellent. I will scratch my head and come up with a post about releasing a record. As for explaining production – that would make an informative post as well…… stay tuned………..

  2. Hi, Brad.
    How about some cool or funny stories of experiences you’ve had with bands and the lifestyle. I’d like to know what sort of lifestyle I can expect if I make it. Also, do you have any suggestion on how to promote outside your country. Without a label it can be hard. Right now I’m thinking of using the internet – (Facebook, Myspace and Youtube). Do you think this a good way?

    Thanks for your blog.
    You wouldn’t believe how much it has helped! 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Richard,
      Funny stories huh? Jeez I’ve got a ton of those. I think I have sprinkled a few of them throughout the 120,000 words I’ve already posted. I will try to tell a few more. In short I can tell you that the life of a rock star is essentially a life of extended adolescents. If that sounds appealing then keep reaching for the stars…

  3. Hi, Brad.
    Yeah. Your blog is really funny. The stories sometimes make me chuckle. That sounds like a fun lifestyle!
    I’m thinking America. Everyone wants to make it there. We’re an English rock band. My band has been playing a lot of local shows and a few out of town. We have a local following, but when the time comes, I’d like to know where to start with the international thing.
    Perhaps it might be better to get the whole of the UK talking about us first?
    Also, When in the recording process, (which we’re starting next month), how long should a hired professional engineer/producer normally take to record and mix one song with a band. We want to record 12 for our first album. I mean, would it take a day per song or perhaps much more? I’ve only done basic recording, so I’m very new to how it works.
    Thanks for the help! 🙂

    • Hi Richard,
      Thanks for the suggestions. As a rule of thumb I use 10-12 hours per song for a ten song demo. That includes tracking and mixing. That is also assuming that you work quickly and, of course, record ten songs in one batch. If you are going to record a single track you still have the same set up time and the number would be closer to 20 hours. You can record a song in 3 if you try. As a result the actual answer will depend on the engineer’s habits and more importantly your preparation. If you work out the elements of the track in the studio – that takes time. Do as much as you can before you get there. The producer may very well have suggestions and, once again, you run up hours…..
      As for your question about English VS USA. England has an active music press. The USA does not. It is often easier to get initial notice in the UK since the weekly papers are always looking for some new band to write about……..

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