New Format and things I like…………..

Any old readers, returning to this blog, will notice that I have dumped the old format of Black and Red. It worked well for awhile but as the number of posts grew it became unmanageable. So I have trotted out a new format.

I haven’t posted in a dogs age. Instead I have been compiling everything I have written and expanding the material for a book. This, unfortunately is not as fun or easy as tossing a blog up onto the web.  Feel free to send comments on the idea of a book and what should be included.

Well that’s enough blather, on to today’s subject – listening to cool bands.

So far all of my postings have dealt with the mechanics of being in a band and promoting yourself up the food chain. I haven’t spent much time writing about music. Music, is, of course, central to the whole damn experience of being in a band. In some of my early blogs I posted what I was listening to as I was writing. I did that to, hopefully, turn people on to cool bands that they hadn”t heard.

A large part of being in a successful band is writing undeniably cool music. Even if you are gunning to be the next Madonna you need to understand cool music and have a good grounding of all the rock gods that have come before.  The more you listen to music the greater the spread of your tastes should become. For me this is certainly the truth. I have been steadily listening to music since 1966 and I am still finding cool things that are new to me.  If you only listen to your favorite band and the half dozen other bands that sound like them you are doomed to writing music that is derivative and likely boring. Your influences are like a color pallet is to a painter. You need many colors and influences in order to have depth and art to your music. You can argue that Picasso painted cubist masterpieces with one basic color scheme. You would be correct.  If you are the equivalent of Picasso in his blue period then you don’t need my advice on influences. Of course Picasso traveled through the history of painting and explored color and light and perspective masterfully before he decided to reinvent art by becoming a cubist.  If you ever had the great fortune to meet Picasso and ask him how to be a great painter, and he answered your question (he was notorious for being cryptic). He would likely tell you to teach yourself the history of art.  It’s the same in music. You need to know the past in order to forge ahead.

So my advice in today’s blog is to learn to listen to new things. Be aggressive about it. Dig into the info on bands you love and find out what their influences were. Then listen to those bands/artists. This will take you down new paths that will provide inspiration.

In my next blog I will post a list of some great bands that you may or may not know. It’s impossible to be comprehensive but the list may introduce you to a few names that you have never heard. I also encourage every reader to post band names in the comment section. DO NOT POST YOUR OWN BAND! That’s a cheap trick and we reserve cheap tricks for me.

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5 thoughts on “New Format and things I like…………..

  1. I know that we both have a wide variety of musical tastes, but here are some bands/musicians that I am into at this moment (mostly indie, folk, or weird):
    -The Lumineers
    -Cat Power
    -The Naked and Famous
    -Lykke Li

  2. Today, there are many different styles of indie rock music. The low-fi style, epitomized by bands like Sonic Youth and Pavement, features an unpolished sound and frequent distortion. Artists like Devandra Bernhardt and Joanna Newsom, who perform experimental folk music, are labeled as “freak folk.” Artists like Belle and Sebastian, who play bouncy, mostly acoustic music, are sometimes called “twee pop.” New sub-branches of the scene are always developing.

    • Hi Sal O Tran,
      Yes stylistically rock music is splintering into a million different sub branches. I believe that this is a sign that Rock as an art form is reaching some kind of perfection. Soon someone will come along that fuses all of these styles and sums it up. Then it will be over, a new form of music will appear……….thanks for the comment………

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